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McKinney Tree Trimmers (MTT) brings professional tree-trimming services to your doorstep! We understand the value of trees and we stand ready to give them a perfect makeover. Your trees will look healthier, stronger and more beautiful than ever! We follow a science-based trimming program with high-end tools and techniques that meet and exceed all modern guidelines.

Why Tree Trimming Matters?

Why Tree Trimming Matters?

Family Safety: The overgrown branches can pose a significant risk of sudden tree falls during storms or high winds. It can damage your property and also put danger to your property, family, and neighbors. That’s why our expert tree trimming services in McKinney make sure to remove, identify, and eliminate weak or dead branches.

Tree Health Care: Tree trimming leads to healthy growth by removing diseased or damaged branches. This promotes better air circulation, a breathable environment, and sunlight penetration, which is essential for the overall well-being of your trees.

Improved Look: Trees contribute to the beauty of the landscape! In our lawn and garden services, we make sure that our targeted trees are well-manicured and perfectly shaped. Our skilled arborists know the art and science of tree trimming and believe in creating a visually pleasing environment by designing each tree.

Our Tree Trimming Services

Precision Pruning

To create a perfect shape for your trees, it's important to give periodic pruning for a volumized and healthy growth. Our arborists use precision pruning techniques to remove specific branches, ensuring your trees' natural form is maintained.

Crown Thinning

Crown thinning is something that reduces the risk of diseases or any pest infestations on your property. In crown thinning, we selectively remove branches to increase light penetration and air circulation.

Deadwood and Selective Removal

Dead or decaying branches can attract pests and compromise the structural integrity of your trees. Our experts carefully identify and remove deadwood accordingly. Also, if there's an annoying branch you want to chop off, we will do that for sure.

Height Reduction

If your trees have grown too tall and are interfering with power lines or structures, contact us now! We have the experts with the proper equipment to carefully short the tree without causing any damage.

Storm Damage Prevention

We offer preventative tree care services in McKinney, and our arborists are highly trained to identify any potential risks for storm damage. We do a thorough inspection of trees and offer adequate removal of weak or overhanging branches.

Clean-Up and Debris Removal

After completing the tree trimming process, we ensure a thorough clean-up of the area. We take off all trimming residues, chopped-off branches, and debris.

Tree care

Contact us today for a free consultation

If any tree is causing you any trouble, reach out to us without any hesitation. Call us right away, and our expert arborists will offer a free consultation regarding the entire process. Our specialists will assess your trees, their species, their physiology, and their specific needs and provide recommendations for ongoing care and maintenance.

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At McKinney Tree Trimmers, we are dedicated to providing professional and reliable tree care services like trimming, cutting and removal. With years of experience in the industry, our team of skilled arborists is committed to maintaining the health and beauty of your trees.

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