Tree Care

Trees belong to another living kingdom that stays with us. Each tree needs special and different care, which is quite difficult to offer by any individual without any good knowledge. Tree care isn’t just about throwing a little water their way and hoping for the best. Sometimes, our tree friends need a bit more TLC, and that’s where the pros come in.

For example, deciduous trees like maples need more frequent watering, pruning in late winter, and fertilization. They may require protection in harsh winters and are more prone to pests and diseases.

On the other side, evergreen trees like pines have lower water needs, require less pruning, and may need occasional fertilization. They generally withstand winter better.

Well, there are so many aspects in which only a professional tree care service can take the lead. So, if you own a residential or commercial property that demands tree care, you better call an ISA-certified arborist.

Moreover, there are several benefits you can get from a professional tree care service. It includes:

1. Expertise That’s Rooted in Knowledge

Sure, you might know your way around a pruning shear or two, but professional arborists? These folks are highly trained and certified in the art of tree care, as it is their daily job. There are many plant diseases (like Dutch Elm Disease (DED), Chestnut Blight, etc.) that not only damage trees but also release toxins into the environment. In such cases, you only need an expert who can offer perfect and adequate tree care solutions.  

An ISA-certified arborist knows the ins and outs of everything from proper pruning techniques to identifying and treating pesky diseases.

2. Safety First!

Let’s face it: scaling tall trees with chainsaws and other equipment can be a tad risky if you don’t know what you’re doing. Individuals can also have deadly accidents performing such tasks.  

Professional tree care services prioritize safety above all else. They’ve got the gear, the know-how, and the experience to tackle even the trickiest of tree-related tasks without putting themselves or your property in harm’s way.

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3. Keep Your Trees in Tip-Top Shape

Ever heard the saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”? Well, when it comes to tree care, truer words were never spoken. Regular maintenance by professionals can help catch potential issues early on, preventing costly problems down the road. From pruning away dead or diseased branches to ensuring proper soil nutrition, these pros have got your trees covered.

4. Curing the Diseased Trees

Arborists are like tree doctors. When they’re tackling diseased trees, they start by checking out what’s going on—looking for any funky colours, weird growth, or signs of pests. Once they’ve got the diagnosis, they might suggest things like snipping off infected branches, improving the soil, or even spraying some friendly bugs to fight off the bad ones.

Sometimes, special treatments are used to zap those pests or diseases away. They’ll also give you tips on how to keep your trees healthy in the long run. Top of Form

5. Boost Your Property Value

Believe it or not, well-maintained trees can actually add value to your property. They enhance curb appeal, provide energy-saving shade, and create a welcoming environment that’s sure to impress potential property buyers should you ever decide to sell.

By hiring an arborist, you can transform your space into an aesthetically pleasing garden. Many tree care services like McKinney Tree Trimmers also offer Garden and Lawn Care Services to help you grow a healthy and beautiful green area on your property.

6. Save Time and Energy

Let’s be honest. We’ve all got enough on our plates without having to worry about tree care on top of it all. In our busy lives, we don’t have much time, energy, and expertise to do everything on our own. Even on weekdays, it’s really tough to make time.

Hiring professional tree care services means you can sit back, relax, and let the top experts handle the dirty work for you.

7. You Are Saving Money on Machinery

Typically, good and reputed tree care services keep top-notch machinery and equipment which can do the job in a few minutes with a high level of accuracy.

However, the price tags on these tools might give you pause as they come with a hefty cost. While they’re a daily necessity for professional arborists, they can afford to buy such machinery. Fortunately, when you hire a professional service, you only need to cover around 5-10% of the cost of the machinery used, with the remainder being covered by the service charges.

8. Emergency Tree Removal Services

McKinney is located in an area where thunderstorms, lightning, tornados, and flooding are common, and they can cause sudden tree falls, which can block routes and put life in danger.

McKinney Tree Trimmers offers a 24/7 emergency line for established clients. It means we will be there for you at any time if you’re stuck in any sudden tree fall situation. Top of Form

9. Performing Commercial Projects

If you want to perform any commercial project like land clearing and cutting down multiple trees in government or even in private space, you need a certified arborist to perform the task. You have to apply for the Tree permit for any tree removal task. You can get help and suggestions from professional tree services before removing any tree.

In 2017, a member of the McKinney City Council was accused of unlawfully chopping down 18 trees on his property. He also faced $44,000 in fines.

10. Effective Tree Planting

Several trees (like Japanese Maple, Norway Spruce, Eastern Redbud, etc.) aesthetically look so pleasing, but unfortunately, you can’t grow them under the climate of McKinney. But with careful planning, maintenance, or special care techniques, it may be possible to grow certain varieties of these trees in McKinney. For example, some varieties of Japanese Maple are more tolerant of warmer climates and can be grown in McKinney with adequate shade, mulching, and protection from hot afternoon sun.

Bottom Line

Perfect tree care needs a perfect tree care service, and that’s why McKinney Tree Trimmers is a trusted partner of the residents or locals of McKinney. We make sure that everything has been done under the high level of safety measures. You can call us right away at (469) 712-6624 or email us at

I hope this blog post is helpful to you. Have a nice day.