The Importance of Proper Tree Maintenance


A tree can be a wonderful addition to any property as it brings shade and beauty to the outdoor space. They are not just beautiful but also a vital part of the ecosystem. But like any other living thing, trees also require maintenance to stay healthy and flourish.

Good tree care helps prevent pests and diseases and ensures that your tree has enough nutrients for its growth.

It is not difficult to take care of the trees. To help you out we have put tips for regular tree care so that we maintain healthy trees.   

Trees need regular watering:

Trees need water to survive so that they can turn light into food. If trees don’t have enough moisture, they will stop growing and can die. If trees have lost only a few branches due to not getting enough water, they can be rescued. However, it is not possible to save the tree that has dried out to the trunk.

You should also avoid too much watering to the trees as oversaturation can rot the roots. Find the amount of water the tree gets from rainfall each week to avoid overwatering your trees.

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1. Use Quality Mulch & Soil:

Ensure that your trees have quality soil and mulch around them. It protects the roots and provides them with vital nutrients. During the hot summer, a layer of water will slow down water evaporation.

Quality soil is also important for trees. You should not assume that enough nutrients are that help it grow. A poor-quality soil will hold little moisture and hence prevent the tree from absorbing it.

Make sure that the soil is dark in color and has a crumbly texture. The darker solid signals the nutrient-rich organism. Earthworms are also a good indicator that your solid is healthy.

2. Regular Fertilization: 

A tree will continue to grow even without vital nutrients. However, it will become thin, tall, and lanky with insufficient trunk girth. It may die soon due to stress and malnutrition.

You should also fertilize your trees like watering unless your arborist recommends more frequent treatments; once a year is usually sufficient. Mature trees can be fertilized every year based on the area of the tree and soil quality.

3. Pruning, Trimming, & Weather Considerations

Trimming and pruning are important parts that help the tree keep healthy and help them grow. Pruning protects them from severe weather conditions and damages. It can also optimize the structure and growth so that mature trees can stand tall.

Tree pruning, on the other hand, is done in the winter, when there is not much left on the trees. It helps to see which branches to cut and where to cut. Remember that pruning should be done sparingly, and less is more. However, cutting too much of the tree will limit its growth possibilities.

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4. Pest & Disease Treatment:  

You might be thinking that once you have planted the trees, let nature take care of them. But trees of all ages can be damaged by pests and diseases. Any kind of infestation of illness could seriously impact the tree.

So, if you find that the tree is infested with disease and other kinds of problems, you need to contact a tree job professional. Experienced arborists know what treatments to use effectively to remove pests so that your tree stays healthy and looks great.

What To Avoid

Now that you know what you need to know, here are the few steps that you should avoid to take care of the trees.

1. Over Watering your trees

Dry roots can absorb nutrients, so you should water your trees so that they can absorb water.

2. Pruning too much or too little

Similarly to watering, pruning should be done in moderation. It is important to prune them just enough to keep your trees healthy and promote lush foliage. Over-pruning can negatively impact their ability to absorb nutrients and even lead to disfigurement or death.

3. Using too much mulch

Your trees won’t be able to get much oxygen when there is too much mulch down your tree roots. You can put around 2 to 4 inches of mulch around your tree. If you push more than this, then it can create problems.


Regular tree care is crucial, but it is commonly overlooked. At McKinney Tree Trimmers, we are your trusted arborist for tree care, trimming, and removal services.

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